What is Entrepreneurship and How to become an Entrepreneur?



This new era term has been making an impact all around the globe. Encouraging everyone to learn to begin their own journey of business than to prefer doing 9-to-5 job. But it is not that easy. However, we will share the top tactics how you can gain the thorough understanding of this entrepreneurship and transform the market. The era of entrepreneurs begins now! And if you want to begin your journey of entrepreneur, then you are at the right place. We will help you go through a complete journey of top entrepreneurs in Pakistan and highlight their dominant characteristics of entrepreneurships that is constantly revolutionizing the market. Although the growing rate of entrepreneurship in Pakistan is already thriving over the global edge. However, you see that there are more failures amongst the rising entrepreneurs because of the creepy entrepreneurship courses available online.

Apart from that, we have some of the new born minds who are enthusiasts without a doubt. However, they are very immature when it comes to starting the business. As a result, they suddenly collapse, due to not understanding the complete business aura in the ever-evolving world. That’s why, you need to learn and overcome all the challenges that may come forth to give you serious hangover! Throughout this blog, we will try to cover everything from the basic understanding to the tactical knowledge of different types of characteristics of entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Stay Alert from the Scammers

Scam Alert

But before you begin, let me clarify that you should detach yourself from those of free online courses instructors. Those who claim that we have the best free SEO course or digital marketing course that will make you a millionaire overnight. Or their entrepreneurship courses have changed the lifestyle of millions of people. Don’t just blindly follow any of the institute or courses as the rise of fake courses has been very thriving currently. Because you will only lose your time and money. So, instead of just following free online courses or institution, you should follow what their aims and objectives are. Furthermore, you also need to learn how much they have made progress through the credible data source. But we have got you here. Throughout this blog, we will help you learn how to become one of the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship

Unlike others, who provide free online courses, claiming their entrepreneurship courses have been booming the world with the rise of new entrepreneurs. We believe in teaching you what exactly is the entrepreneurship. In this way, you understand the basic essentials of what is it in reality.

To begin, entrepreneurship is all about starting a new business. But you can’t just start a business as you like it. An entrepreneur tries to analyze the needs in the market. Once, you understand the needs amongst the people, you try to diagnose it through a solution. That solution rises as your business idea and the whole of your business suddenly makes an impact over the financial world. The clearer you understand the market’s needs, the better idea you will be able to generate for your business that will only prosper in future.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

Charachterstics of Entrepreneurship

Although, there are uncountable characteristics that you might already know. However, we will be mentioning the key characteristics of entrepreneurship from the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan. In this way, your success rate for your business growth will rise.

  • Creative: You have to be extra creative while sharing your business idea within the market. For this, you’ve to understand the top characteristics of entrepreneurship in Pakistan to bring more innovation in your raw ideas.
  • Risk-Taking: Although starting a new business in the market takes a lot of effort. However, it also needs to tackle a lot of risks that you need to overcome in the coming future. And to reside amongst the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan, you will have to take brain trembling risks to reach your goals.
  • Passion: One of the top types of characteristics of entrepreneurship includes your passion. Remember, the start is always difficult. However, hard work never goes in vain.
  • Resilience: All of the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan have their powerful resilience to stand against all the hardships. Similarly, you might face a lot of setbacks and downfalls that you won’t learn from no entrepreneurship courses. That’s where, you will have to be overcome all the challenges and keep going towards your dreams.
  • Vision: If you want yourself become one of the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan, you have to set clear goals and clear visions. When your idea is clear, your success path is straight.
  • Adaptability: As you know that the current era is constantly evolving. Therefore, you need to learn these tactful strategies of entrepreneurship in Pakistan to adapt to any changes that arises.

Since, you have understood the different types of characteristics of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Similarly, we will now disclose how you can place your name amongst the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

How to become an Entrepreneur?

How to become an Entrepreneur?

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you can just start your business with a new idea. However, if you want to become one of the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan, then you need to follow some legit free online courses. We will also highlight some important points below. So, you can gain the leading entrepreneurship in Pakistan:

  1. Identify your Passion: Find what suits your passion. What gives you thrill? In this way, begin your entrepreneurial journey.
  2. Research: Research what people are struggling these days. What is the main problem or issue that needs solution.
  3. Develop a Business Idea: With your conductive research, you can bring up an idea that has solution to the problem.
  4. Create a Business Plan: Once, you have the idea. Then you have to create a sophisticated business plan to proceed. You may take case studies examples from the top entrepreneurs of Pakistan.
  5. Learn and Build Skills: Learn new skills from the free online courses available. You can search for further credible entrepreneurship courses to get a comprehensive understanding of your business plan.
  6. Start Small: Most importantly, you don’t need to start with big capital. All you need is to focus with starting small. So, even if you make mistakes, you will still learn and evolve.
  7. Network: Communicate and connect with your field-related entrepreneurs. This will help you refine your goals and make a clear path towards making your place amongst the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan.
  8. Stay Persistent: Challenges and hurdles are every stage of life. You have to stay persistent to your goals and sacrifice yourself in times of need.

Top Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Top Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Now, you will learn about the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Who have struggled and made their name in the world. You may take inspiration from them and proceed to your journey.

  1. Salim Ghauri: Also known as Bill Gates of Pakistan. Born in Bahawalpur and brought to Lahore, he founded Netsol and transformed Pakistan bringing IT and Software Industry in Pakistan.
  2. Arif Habib: Created AHL (Arif Habib Limited) which became Pakistan’s largest securities brokerage, investment banking, and research firm.
  3. Jehan Ara: Pakistani businesswoman remained president of P@SHA over twenty years. She resigned to start Katalyst Labs, a startup accelerator and women leadership program.
  4. Monis Rehman: An engineering graduate who started Naseeb Networks which is now managing the leading job marketplaces in Pakistan i.e. Rozee.pk and Minhati.com.
  5. Umer Saif: A serial entrepreneur, computer scientist, and professor who founded the first ever tech incubation center named Plan9.
  6. Kulsoom Lakhani: She founded Invest2Innovate, and has been helping startups and broader entrepreneurs develop markets in Pakistan since 2011.
  7. Fahad Sikandar: Launched multiple projects to help the society. Koyal is one of the business ideas that caters to the biggest library of Pakistani regional content.
  8. Maria Umer: She founded “the Women’s Digital League” to help women find their desire jobs in the digital arena.

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

As we have mentioned earlier, Pakistan has become a place where you can pitch your ideas to get started. There are now uncountable business incubators, accelerators, and investors who can appreciate your creative idea and charge to your goals. All you have is to share your creative ideas, and you will be assisted with all the office area, resources, and finance too. But remember, as the entrepreneurship in Pakistan is getting competitive every day. Thus, you need to be very creative with your idea. So, they find it attractive and convincing enough to support you.

Entrepreneurship Courses

Entrepreneurship Courses

Apart from this, you can also skill up yourself with multiple entrepreneurship courses available online. You can choose your free online courses as per your strength. It could be a complete digital marketing course, telling you how to market your ideas in the digital world. Or some SEO course, describing how to over-smart your competitors. We will be mentioning some of the most essential free online courses for you below:

  1. Digital marketing Course
  2. Free SEO course
  3. Free SMM Course
  4. Data Analysis Course
  5. Content Writing Course
  6. Communication Skills Course
  7. Business Pitching Course

And there is a lot more skills you can gain for yourself to start your business. But what is the purpose of learning these skills? Well, of course, if anything comes high or someone asks you a question, so as a business owner, you must know basics to respond to the question. Although, it is very tough to learn multiple skills. However, a successful entrepreneur tries all he has in his power to strengthen himself with as much as skills he may equip.


In short, this-complete-guide discussed thoroughly what’s Entrepreneurship and how you can become one of the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan. You now have a clearer picture of what exactly entrepreneurship courses you need to equip while on your journey. Following that, you have also learned the basic tactics that most of the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan used and became successful. You can also leverage this blogpost’s content and thrive to make your own name in the ever-evolving world. All your idea needs a little refinery. And maybe, you could become a future business example. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step you take. But you should be very cautious while making any decision and taking any step. Be tactful and take informative decisions to level up your entrepreneurship game!