Top 5 Free Online Course Platforms You Should Know

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Fortunately, Pakistan is one of those countries where most of the people are making money through online platforms. However, it has always been difficult for those who live in the rural areas. As they don’t have much connection to the internet services and technologies. In spite of learning from the online courses, they work hard in some dungeons or industries. They establish themselves through the toughest and roughest situations. Which does not even help them build the best possible opportunities for their families. On the other hand, there are several IT institutes which are offering multiple free online courses. Such as, free SEO course, Data Analytics, and other specializations. Evidently, they are promising their motherland to bring out hidden potential from the rural areas.

Why these Free Online Courses?

It’s true that with the growing population of Pakistan, It has become difficult to survive. The less job criteria are eating the families every passing day. Thus, earning in the virtual markets have become a source which could save people’s lives. But the question still stands. How can you earn in the virtual markets if you don’t know the tactics? There come some of the most renowned institutes that now allow free online courses. Through these online courses, you may learn to educate yourself and earn in the digital marketplace. Although it was very difficult at first. But now, people have understood and helped each other to grow and make a better environment. These online courses from multiple institutes are transforming people’s future in Pakistan.

Best Online Courses Institutes you should Prioritize

Amongst multiple institutes teaching multiple courses, there are five institutes that have changed the whole world of Pakistanis. We will now mention each one of them. So, you could learn about them and change your life as well. It’s time, you either equip yourself with the tech world, or you are forgotten.


1. – Best Planned Free Online Courses

Not to mention that, DigiSkills is the top place for the people who want to learn something to bring a change in their lives. When it first started in the Covid-19, it had only 06 courses with some limited seats. Amna Aly Kamal was the chief of writing and Hashim Sarwar was the one who introduced Freelancing to the Pakistani world. And even at that time, DIgiSkills was creating videos for the lectures that were outstanding. No one in the whole Pakistan had that much most advanced techs and tools to furnish their knowledge in the online format. That’s where it grew. People started crowding. And the reality pens down the script of history that DigiSkills’ learning seats of online courses never went empty.

Although, it was free of cost, yet the quality of the content they provided was amazing. There are multiple free digital marketing courses, freelancing skills, SEO trainings, Creative Writing tips, and more. And people loved their passion. That was the moment of change when everything was down in Covid-19. And a lot of huge community got strengthened during that heck of a time due to DigiSkills. In short, it is a place aggregated with Virtual University of Pakistan, and Government of Pakistan. It’s a platform that is still working hard to change the lives of Pakistani youths.

2.    Free Online Courses at Harvard University

Harvard University is well-known for its quality education. Not to mention that, students from all over the world want to get admission at Harvard University. Due to this, Harvard has set-up a very huge and smart criteria for the students to get admission there. However, Harvard offers free online courses for a specific period of time. This very institute prepares free online courses for the ones who want to learn and bring a change in their lives.

Although, these courses are free of cost, yet the means a lot in the virtual marketplace. You can avail these Harvard courses from its own website. Which takes you to EdX – another learning website, where you will find multiple courses from several institutes.

Furthermore, online courses from Harvard offers students to learn multiple courses. Such as, Game Development, Machine Learning, Persuasive Writing and Speaking, and more. But a short note to you. Harvard doesn’t offer e-certificates of learning free of cost. You have to pay their fee to attempt exams and get certificate of recognition.

3.    Coursera – Cosmic World of Free Online Courses

As you know, equipping yourself with multiple skills have become paramount. In this age, you either become smarter than a machine, or you will be replaced by a machine. Thus, you need to go beyond your limits. And for this, Coursera can be the perfect choice.

With more than 14 million courses available, Coursera is one of the biggest learning platforms. Where you can learn, attempt tests, and get certificate of recognition with completely free of cost. All you need is to apply for the financial aid. And you will get access to the whole course contents. They ask you to complete the readings, attempt all the exercises, and take the quizzes and tests. Once, you have successfully passed all of these steps. Then Coursera rewards you a certificate of recognition with a reference number pasted on it.

In short, Coursera free online courses has a huge list to mention. But we will mention the most prominent ones. Such as, Google Data Analytics, TESOL, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship Strategy, and more.

4.    IoED – Institute of Entrepreneurs Development

Free Digital Marketing Courses

At one side, where multiple IT institutes are working to establish their name in the virtual world. On the other hand, IoED is establishing the regional youth power through free online courses in the industry of IT. IoED has partnered with multiple resources to strengthen the rural community of Mirpur Khas. Such as, Government of Pakistan, PNY Trainings, Silicon Valley, Google, and Coursera to bring out the hidden talent.

With the fast-paced world turning to the e-learning, IoED is providing the finest quality of Education. With a world of multiple courses, IoED is offering only some courses. Which will help students not only bring a change in their lives. But also, they will start contributing to Pakistan’s economy. Their courses include, SEO, Digital Marketing, IT Automation, UX and UI Design, and more.

5.    Udemy – A Broad Selection of Paid and Free Online Courses

Evidently, Udemy was born in May 2010. It started with the short courses that people want to gain to hone their skills. But now, it has transformed into a big platfor

m. A platform where more than 210,000 online courses are available. Thousands of videos, lectures and teachers are conducting online classes and sessions for the students. Which is digitally revolutionizing the whole earth.

Udemy has partnered with multiple educational and business industries. Which can help you take the advantage of a comprehensive guidance from the experts. It has partnered with Volkswagens Group, Samsung, CISCO, AT&T, Ericson, and more. As a result, there is a long category of the courses available for you to learn.

With million of courses, Udemy has created multiple categories. Such as, Development, Business, Design, Teaching and Academics, IT and Software, and more.


In conclusion, we have mentioned the top 5 institutes in Pakistan that provide free online courses. In case you want to learn and grow in the digital world. Thus, you need these courses to arm with. Once, you have successfully attained the skills from these courses, you can make a place for yourself in the virtual world. We have mentioned DigiSkills, Harvard Online Courses, Coursera, IoED, and Udemy.

It’s time, you know your true strengths. Learn tactics and tips through these courses. Earn in global marketplaces. And make a name of yourself in the virtual realm. The world has changed a lot. And you need to power-up with modern tools and techs. Learn to swim in the flowing river of 2024. Because if you don’t, you will get drowned and die.